Slobodan Stojanović

Slobodan Stojanović is CTO of Cloud Horizon, a software development studio based in Montreal Canada. He is based in Belgrade and is the JS Belgrade meetup co-organizer.

Slobodan is the AWS Serverless Hero, Claudia.js core team member, and co-author of “Serverless Applications with Node.js” book, published by Manning Publications.

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How to use source maps in AWS Lambda with Node.js

If you ever opened your CloudWatch logs and saw that the error happened in the /var/task/index.js:1:2345, this post is for you. It'll teach you how to transform this meaningless stack trace into something that matches your source code and you understand.

Slobodan Stojanović Mar 1, 2021

From Express.js to AWS Lambda: Migrating existing Node.js applications to serverless

Serverless architecture makes some of the good practices for architecturing apps obsolete. Building a serverless application from scratch requires a mind shift, but once you start thinking in a serverless way, all the dots connect quickly. With the help of tools such as Claudia.js, development and deployment cycles are short and easy.

Slobodan Stojanović Mar 29, 2018

Single command deployment for single page apps

Developing a single page app is hard. From the very beginning, you’ll need to make many decisions — decisions like picking a framework, setting the folder structure, configuring linter, and many others.

Slobodan Stojanović Aug 25, 2017

How To Develop A Chat Bot With Node.js

In the past few months, chat bots have become very popular, thanks to Slack, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. But the chat bot idea is not new at all.

Slobodan Stojanović Oct 17, 2016